Carpet Shampooing Dubai, UAE

You may realize that carpets would be the ideal ‘home’ with regard to dirt as well as dust. However, a ‘quick fix’ for example weekly cleaning service isn’t usually the answer—and, while it will eliminate what exists at first glance, it can’t usually get exactly what lies under. Small insects for example beetles as well as spiders love to produce a home with regard to themselves below your carpet’s materials.

This service is suitable for carpets in high traffic areas, to remove most stains on upholstery or for an annual clean up to reduce the allergies caused by dirty carpets. Our team well trained to use our carpet cleaning machines. Not only that they can find ways to enhance the performance and the end results of the carpet cleaning by using certain products for stains. They really take the time to understand how to deliver maximum carpet cleaning results. We are using the best machines to deliver a quality carpet cleaning service.

Method used to clean Rugs & Carpets

❖ Thorough vacuuming with a Vacuum cleaner.
❖ Applying shampoo onto the carpet using with a machine
❖ Work on the spots and stains using spot removers and hand brush
❖ After this foam application vacuum the entire area to remove the dirt & make it dry & clean

* Some stains over time become permanent hence we cannot guarantee complete removal of all types of stains.